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About the Lessons

About the payment

How do I Pay My lessons / translations ?

Easy ! 

 Send me an email, I will send you an invoice with French n FLE 's bank account details for a transfer, or a payment order from Paypal. Transferwise is also possible and very advantageous!

How are Julie's Lessons made ?

It all depends on your way of learning, your needs and level.

Julie is very flexible in terms of pedagogy and her 15 years experience makes it easy! She is ready for you!

Julie will explain her way of working and you will figure out together the way that works best for you!

When should I Pay My lessons / translations ?

All you need to do is to pay one day before the lesson.

If you didn't have time to pay, we can reschedule your lesson, no worries !

In any case, feel free to send an email to French'n FLE (frenchnfle@gmail.com) and we will figure out the best way together!

How do I book My lessons ?

Easy ! 

 Just send an email to French'n FLE (frenchnfle@gmail.com) ! You can propose 2 availalibities, let me know your city time zone.

Julie will confirm you one lesson time in few hours! 

How can I be sure that I will get what I paid for ?

French'n FLE is a organised and reliable company,, which makes a priority to make everyone happy, but you are right, it is always good to ask!

PAYPAL makes it secure for you! 

You can fill a complain and get a refund with Paypal in case of trouble.

Also, French'n FLE is recognised as a training center and it creates contracts with students, schools, language centers.... All the conditions will be precised on it.

I bought a package, How long does it last for ?

Packages of 5 hours last for 2 months.*

Packages of 10 hours last for 3 months.*

Packages of 20 hours last for 4 months.*

You have time! (but the closer your lessons are, the better you learn!)

*From the first effective lesson.

About the translations

How Long does it take to translate my document?

It all depends on your needs !

Send an email to French'n FLE (frenchnfle@gmail.com) and figure out with Julie when you need it. Prices depend on time, so feel free to choose the best option for you!


Formatrice de formateurs - Professeure de FLE

Tel & Whatsapp : +33784972104

@ : frenchnfle@gmail.com