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About the Lessons

About the payment

How do I Pay My lessons / translations ?

Easy ! 

 Send me an email, I will send you French n FLE 's bank account details for a transfer, or a payment order from Paypal.

How are Julie's Lessons made ?

It all depends on your way of learning, your needs and level.

Julie is very flexible in terms of pedagogy and her 15 years experience makes it easy ! She is ready for you !

How do I book My lessons ?

Easy ! 

 Just send an email to French'n FLE (frenchnfle@gmail.com) ! You can propose 2 availalibities, let me know your city time zone.

Julie will confirm you one lesson time in few hours ! 

When should I Pay My lessons / translations ?

All you need to do is to pay one day before the lesson.

If you didn't have time to pay, we can reschedule your lesson, no worries !

In any case, feel free to send an email to French'n FLE (frenchnfle@gmail.com) and we will figure out the best way together !

How can I be sure that I will get what I paid for ?

French'n FLE is a organised and reliable company,, which makes a priority to make everyone happy, but you are right, it is always good to ask !

PAYPAL makes it secure for you ! 

You can fill a complain and get a refund with Paypal in case of trouble.

Also, French'n FLE is recognised as a training center and it creates contracts with students, schools, language centers.... All the conditions will be precised on it.

I bought a package, How long does it last for ?

Packages of 5 hours last for 2 months.*

Packages of 10 hours last for 3 months.*

Packages of 20 hours last for 4 months.*

You have time ! (but the closer your lessons are, the better you learn !)

*From the first effective lesson.

About the translations

How Long does it take to translate my document?

It all depends on your needs !

Send an email to French'n FLE (frenchnfle@gmail.com) and figure out with Julie when you need it. Prices depend on time, so feel free to choose the best option for you !


Formatrice de formateurs - Professeure de FLE

Tel & Whatsapp : +33784972104

@ : frenchnfle@gmail.com